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May 31, 2024 – July 31, 2024

Are you ready for adventure?

Gear up for a summer of exploration with Summer Reading 2024: Adventure Begins in Your Library! Whether you tour local sculptures and murals with your family, visit community parks, or have a scavenger hunt in your own backyard, Summer Reading 2024 encourages you to find adventure everywhere you go!

  • Sign Up: Visit to sign up for Beanstack starting Wednesday, May 1. If you’re new to Summer Reading, you can create an account for yourself and each family member.
  • Register for Summer Reading: Beginning Friday, May 31, you can sign in to your Beanstack account and select the challenge that’s right for you and each member of your family.
    • Choose from challenges for Families (Ages 0-5), Kids (Ages 6-11), Teens (12-18), and Adults (19 and over).
  • Pick up a New Book: After you’ve signed up, visit your nearest Library branch to choose a new book while supplies last.
  • Earn Badges: Once you’ve signed up for Summer Reading 2024, your adventure begins! Every age group has its own set of challenges to complete and badges to earn by exploring the community, trying new things, and reading for hours!
    • Ages 0-11 Win Prizes for Completing Reading Badges: Participants in the Families and Kids challenges will receive a progress prize for every 5 reading badges earned.
    • Ages 0-11 Win a Prize for Completing Fifteen Badges: Participants in the Families and Kids challenges will receive a prize for completing fifteen reading or activity badges.
  • Enter to Win a Grand Prize: Each reading or activity badge you earn gives you a ticket to the grand prize drawings. You can put all your tickets into one prize or spread them out between several of the prizes available for your age group. Winners will be drawn Thursday, August 1. Grand prizes are limited to one per winner.
    • Ages 12 and Up Earn Extra Tickets: Teens and Adults will earn two tickets for every reading badge completed, and one for each activity badge.

Sign Up

Sign up for Summer Reading and track your progress on Beanstack.


View events and plan which ones your family will enjoy.


Flip though the guide for more fun opportunities for adventure.

Adult man in the library looking at books

What is “Summer Slide”?

Has your child ever started the new school year—only for it to feel like they’ve forgotten everything they learned the previous year? If so, you’re familiar with the dreaded summer slide, a phenomenon where kids lose significant knowledge and skills over summer break.

Prevent summer slide by enrolling your child, yourself, and the rest of your family in Summer Reading, a series of challenges meant to encourage you and your family to explore your community, combat boredom with engaging programs, and encourage reading as a fun, relaxing activity for everyone.

Summer Reading is divided into four age groups: Family (ages 0-5); Kids (ages 6-11); Teens (ages 12-18); and Adults (ages 19 and up). Anyone can participate in Summer Reading to earn free books and prizes.

Read By Example!

Is your child a reluctant reader? Children often mimic the behavior they see around them, so picking up a book yourself can encourage them to read! Set aside time every day to read with your child this summer—whether you’re sharing a book together or reading independently—and talk about what you’re reading and why you enjoy it.

Parents and caregivers can participate in the adult Summer Reading challenges and giveaways; books you read to or with your child count towards your reading goals, too!

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